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Welcome to our media kit website

To better educate citizens of the commonwealth countries about preventing fractures we've compiled a media kit making it easier to share the most relevant information from professionals.


Started in 2010 by a group of experts in Sydney, Australia. Expanding to reach new audiences by 2012. We believe that in the digital age sharing of mass media is easier than ever before and therefore sharing infographics which can save lives is also just as easy.

When do most fractures occur?

In your homes mostly, you should take care of your body wherever you are. There is no reason to be more careless in your own home than being out and about. We were recently contacted by a lovely woman who had to hire a cleaner for her London home due to falling and fracturing her arm whilst cleaning.

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As a group our response time is quite limited, but we aim to reply to your queries as soon as we possibly can. To become a group member or if you're a member of press contact us at joe@fracturepreventionmediakit.org

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